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Leaves in our Lakes

Posted on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 9:00 am

Members of the Lake Saint Louis City Green Environmental Advisory Committee remind citizens about their civic responsibility to take care of accumulating leaves on their property. While lakes in deciduous forests have many natural components to decompose leaves and recycle the nutrients, Mother Nature could use some help in our community this time of the year.

Please do not blow or rake leaves into the lakes.  Large quantities of leaves entering our lakes contribute to higher sediment loads with disruption of natural biological interactions and nutrient cycles. Large quantities of leaves cause more frequent dredging. Please do not blow or rake leaves into the streets. The City does not have the personnel or equipment to clean this up. Likewise, please do not blow or rake leaves into storm sewers.  This practice will stop-up the flow of storm water towards our lakes.

Residents are encouraged to mulch leaves on their property with a mulching mower, collect leaves for winter protection and decomposition in gardens, and/or collect leaves in trash containers (but not mixed with trash) and biodegradable paper bags (not plastic bags) for weekly pickup at the curb by our community trash hauler.

From March through December this year, Thursdays are yard waste pickup days in Lake Saint Louis by Meridian Waste Services.  There is no limit to the number of paper bags and trash containers with leaves that can be put out each week.  During January and February, you must call Meridian Waste Services for a special (no extra charge) yard waste pickup on Thursday.

And finally, Meridian during November for an additional charge will come by your residence to vacuum up a large pile of leaves near the curb.  Please do not pile leaves in the street.  You must call Meridian to arrange this service at 636-566-8367.