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Lake St. Louis Waterski Club Open House planned

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Have you seen men, women, and children climbing pyramids on the water, skiing barefoot, or defying gravity off the jump at our lake and thought it looked fun? Well you too can be a part of this amazing organization!

The Lake Saint Louis Waterski Club is hosting an Open House at the Lake Saint Louis Community Association Ballroom on Sunday, February 25  from 1-4 p.m. The only requirement is a love for water and skiing or desire to learn to ski! Members must also be members of the LSL Community Association. Children must be at least five years of age for the kneeboard act and six years or older to ski. Adults are welcome and encouraged to participate as well.

There are three components to the club: The Home Show, which practices in May and June and delivers the fantastic July 4th shows; the 3-Event Team (which consists of Slalom, Jump, and Trick Skiing) which competes throughout the region; and the Arch Rivals competition show ski team which competes at regional and national events.

Participants must be members of the LSLCA for the Home Show, while more experienced skiers may come out to be considered for the competitive teams.

Come to the open house to learn more about this fun family organization. It truly is an organization in which the whole family can participate. Even if you do not ski, they are always looking for help with costumes, rope handling, riding in our safety boats, working the concession stand, helping with music, choreographing dances, and fundraising. There truly is something for everyone!

Visit them online at for more details.