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Orangetheory Fitness

Keep your body guessing!

What came first – the chicken or the egg? This metaphorical question is arguably one of the most common social dilemmas next to the Orangetheory member question of, “What piece of equipment should I start on?” The answer to this infamous question would be difficult if we were looking at everyone. However, it can be very simple when we look solely at you. While there have been many well-designed studies that conclude it is better to perform cardiovascular before resistance training, there are equally as many studies that conclude resistance before cardiovascular training is more beneficial.

When deciphering the results, the overarching consensus is that the answer lies with your individual goals as a member. If your goal is to lose weight, become leaner, or improve overall strength, research points to performing strength and resistance training first and cardiovascular training second. If your goal is to improve endurance performance (shorter specific times in running or competing in triathlons), research leans toward performing cardio before strength training. To develop a well-rounded, balanced body focused on endurance, strength, and power, we encourage mixing up where members begin class to maximize benefits and keep the body guessing.

Next time you’re in class, start by getting comfortable being uncomfortable and starting somewhere new!