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Holt Varsity Wrestlers already aspiring for State

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 11:15 am

By Cael Nolan, Student Writer

Last year, the wrestling team had a successful season of 9-4,yet the upcoming year holds even higher hopes for both the team and individual records. The previous year’s team found themselves having nine states qualifiers.

Three wrestlers placed at state, all of which were returning medalists. In addition, the team won the district championships.

As for this season, they are preparing by practicing in the small gym and working out in the weight room after school at Holt.

In truth, the sport is a little bit of a risky one. Injuries do occasionally happen; there are typically 1-2 large injuries per season.

One wrestler to watch for this year is Colton Hawks (‘20), who placed as a freshman and always works to his best, according to teammate, Cole Mueller (‘18).

For wrestling, there are many steps to take before a wrestler can win a match, or ways to prepare for the upcoming season. The coach, Jason Moore, says the first thing the wrestlers need to worry about is gaining or losing pounds to be put in a certain weight class. This allows them to

wrestle opponents closer to their weight, so they do not have an unfair advantage or even an advantage for themselves. The next step would be to warm up before a match. During warmups,  Jacob Lueck (‘20) says he listens to music while going over moves in his head.

Coach Moore says these steps require work, but it can be done with discipline. “Discipline is a way of life; it is doing what is right at all times. None of us are perfect, but we can always work towards being better. When disciplining actions during practice or the match, I try to focus on what the person did wrong and how exactly they can fix it.”

After warming up, they enter a pre-match mindset. “I get energized, try to get into my opponent’s head, and intimidate them,” Mueller says. He also tries to show them that he works harder when preparing for the match. This really gets to the opponents when they see his determination.

Lueck also says he creates the mindset of “Don’t back down, no matter what.”

A key to a good wrestling season is setting a routine. “As a team we have a set routine that we go through in order to prepare for matches. The wrestlers execute the various techniques need to be successful in their match. Then after the team warm up, individuals can prepare for their matches. Each athlete will perform at their best in varied states. Some need to be calm some need to be angry. We try to figure out what each athlete needs and help them to get to the appropriate level,” said Coach Moore.

The next part is the actual match. Depending on the wrestler, the pre-game plan is different for each wrestler. “I come up with a gameplan or come up with the moves on the fly,” Mueller says.

During the game, the wrestler must adapt to his opponent, and make it up as he goes along, collecting information and using the best defenses possible.

The last part is post-match, which can include reflecting on how the match went for the wrestlers or being rewarded with medals. Wrestlers take this time to reflect on their mistakes in the match, pinpoint them, and fix them to better themselves in the next match. Wrestling is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Physically, in the obvious ways of exertion and exercise, and mentally in the discipline it takes to make weight, and the ability to perfect moves that these athletes realize they may not be the best at.

With a promising season ahead, Holt looks forward to breaking records, receiving trophies, and defeating challenging opponents.