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Fit4Mom caters to all stages of Motherhood

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 2:24 pm

Fit4Mom Wentzville members participate in workouts that involve their kids and support their choices to be moms. The program is everything its name implies, offering exercise classes that cater to all stages of motherhood, even as it strives to create a support community for moms trying to live healthy.

Melissa Sitze owns Wentzville’s Fit4Mom franchise. A certified personal trainer, she leads a workout class almost every day and has big plans for expanding the Fit4Mom Wentzville village.

Sitze draws inspiration for her business from a passion for exercise – and her own personal experiences as a mother.

“Exercise and fitness became more paramount to us during my delivery,” Sitze said of her husband and herself. “I had a really bad delivery, and I ended up needing a blood transfusion.”

“They said because I stayed so healthy and fit through my pregnancy I avoided a full cardiac arrest, which could have potentially saved my life. So, I like to stress to people how important health and fitness is,” she added.

The Wentzville program is still new, with 20 members participating in two types of classes. Sitze aims to have 70 members by the end of the year, and will soon add a third type of class – Fit4Baby.

“The concept of working out with your kids, or the concept of post- or prenatal fitness is still kinda new to the area, so right now I’m more or less spreading the education around,” she said, adding that while it is important to exercise while pregnant, the importance of doing the right things with your body after baby cannot be over-emphasized.

Sitze currently teaches the Stroller Strider class, where moms bring their kids in strollers as they work out. Stroller Strider exercises help Mom burn calories while entertaining their kids with silly dances or singing while doing squats. By the end of each class, moms are sweating, and kids have received nurturing attention.

“I love doing the class with my kids and not having to put them in a daycare,” said Jessica Wheeler, a member since May. “It’s also really nice to just be outside in fresh air.”

Fit4Baby and Stroller Strider classes focus on moms who are pregnant or have younger babies or toddlers. The other class type offered, Body Back, is a high-intensity workout offered in 8-week sessions available to all moms. With classes twice a week, Body Back focuses on personal results and growth.

Sam Ady went from dedicated member to becoming the Body Back instructor for the Wentzville area.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom, so Body Back was really nice,” Ady said. “I didn’t have to take the kids, and I just had an hour to myself.”

The classes provide connections as well as exercise. Moms get a chance to meet other mothers, along with opportunities to realize they aren’t alone in the struggles and joys of motherhood. Sitze said she notices friendships blossoming between members, and the whole group meets up for relaxing family days as well.

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