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First Impressions: The Top 3 First Impression Killers

Everyone seems to know the common things to do to get the exterior of your home ready for the market. Often, the Seller has no direction with the choices and can make huge mistakes with selections that do not enhance the first impression.

The Top 3 First Impression Killers:

1. White or marble gravel in your planting beds.  You will never see a new home displayed with white rock bedding. Whenever in doubt choose dark much that will make your plantings stand out and draw attention to the shape of the planting bed.

2. Trying to do too much with a simple entry door with paint. Be careful when doing contrasting trim and window frames on the door and side lights. This can really clutter the look. When a good color is chosen, use it to claim the entire door system and it will also make the door system more impressive and current.

3. Ignoring the Garage Door. Old school was leaving the garage door white or the siding color of the house. Think of using a neutral color that was used on the shutters to bring that color to one of the major portions of the façade, the garage door. An elevation can have 35% in garage door, consider the impact and the softening that can take place with the right choice for this major element of the facade.

Clients always wonder why they aren’t getting a WOW, staging isn’t just about the interior.