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Dribbling into greatness

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 10:38 am

By Alexis Garland & Josh Campbell

Holt High School Student Writers

With the next season of boys basketball right around the corner, the lineup looks to be pretty exciting for the varsity team. Players to definitely watch for are seniors Colton Arellanes ‘18 (Point guard), Spencer Bogan ‘18 (Power forward), and Anthony Jones ‘18 (Small forward).

They are the leaders of the team and all played well last season. Other non-senior varsity players include Bryant Lucio ‘19, Jake Ryan ‘19, and Tymez Barnett ‘19. The seniors hope that these players take over for them when they leave and lead Holt into greatness.

The next games that players are looking forward to are the Pink Night game and playing against Liberty high school. “I’m excited for pink night,” said Colton. “It’s a really big rivalry game and there is a huge crowd,” he exclaimed.

You can look forward to the next Liberty game coming up on January 17. It is going to be a very big game and we expect a lot of people to show up so bring school spirit and make sure to root Holt on.

The Pink Night game is coming up on Friday, December 15 at 7 p.m. at Timberland. Make sure to wear as much of pink as possible because this will be an even bigger game this season. Go ahead and root on our boys in blue.

With a great team also comes a great coach, Coach Arnold leaves a positive impact on his players and he is viewed as an important role model. Role models are a huge part of motivation for players and the team. “I don’t ask my players to do anything I am not willing to do. Therefore, I mop the floor before practice. Being a role model, is embodying what you preach,” said Coach Arnold.

But it is not just coaches that care. Previous teachers are great role models. “They taught me how to be professional and how to get the best out of players,” said Arnold. He wants to pass on to them what his teachers and coaches taught him.

When you are a role model organization and discipline is key. “Everything matters, tuck in your jersey, look sharp play sharp,” said Coach Arnold. Without discipline you get an unorganized and non functioning team.

“We, as a staff, try to identify weaknesses and work on them,” said Arnold. Every good team and coach knows that everyone has weaknesses, therefore identifying them to help work them out is the best kind of organization.

Holt has a very good chance of being very good this year. Their team is the best it has been in a while. The varsity team is more determined than ever and their drive will lead them to greatness.

The seniors will stop at nothing to have a perfect season and to go all the way and win the state championship.