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Benefits of physical activity

The health benefits of regular physical activity are numerous and may include weight control, improved mood, increased energy, enhanced sleep, and maintenance of muscle tone. In a 2017 study published in the research journal Cell Press, researchers examined the potential benefits of various types of exercise on a cellular level.

The study was aimed at developing an understanding of how high-intensity interval training, strength straining, or a combined strength and interval training program, affect cell aging and muscle building.

Results found that while high intensity interval training provides age-reversing benefits at the cellular level and strength training improves muscle strength, a healthy combination of both high-intensity interval training and strength training significantly improves overall cellular function that can prevent or delay aging. Knowing how the body responds to physical activity on a cellular level could yield significant information into how to prevent cognitive decline, reduce the effect of degenerative diseases, and improve the power of organs within the body.

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